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Premium Shampoo


Upgrade your pets bath with one of the following premium shampoos:


- Oatmeal Shampoo

- Brightening Shampoo

- Medicated Shampoo

- Hypo-Allergenic Shampoo

- Flea & Tick Shampoo

- Low Shed Shampoo

- Deoderizing Shampoo

Premium Paw


A great maintanence service that requires no appointment!


Nail trimming, nail grinding, and ear cleaning at a great value!

Touch Up


A great way to maintain your pooch's look betweeen grooms!


Nail trimming, ear cleaning & plucking, up to 15 minutes of brushing and a face trim.

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Moisturizing Conditioner


Upgrade your pets basic service with a moisturizing conditioner and be amazed at the difference!

Blueberry Facial


Add this all natural brightening blueberry facial to your pups bath for the ultimate spa day!

Nail Trimming or Nail Grinding


Your pick of nail trimming or nail grinding at a great price!


Stop in any time as this requires no appointment!

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Ear Cleaning


Maintain your pets ear health with our ear cleaning package! No appointment necessary!

Anal Gland Expression


Available as an upgrade to your pets bath or groom or as a walk in service.

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Nail Pawlish


Choose from our variety of nail colors and spruce up your pets look!

Feather Extensions


Add a bit of spice to your pets look with colorful hair extensions!

Hair Dye

Starting at $10

Choose from our wide variety of colors to express your pets personality with our pet safe hair dye!

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Face Trim


A great option for maintaining your pets look between grooms that requires no appointment!

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Come in for 15 minutes of brushing with no appointment necessary! This package is a great way to reduce shedding at home!

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